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How to find the best treatment For your child

Whether your concern is that your teen is smoking too much pot on the weekends or if your young adult child has an addiction to heroin, realizing that your son or daughter needs outside help to overcome their substance use issue can be frightening and overwhelming. Chances are you have no idea where to begin, or what “treatment” actually entails.

Fortunately, though there is no one-size-fits-all answer and it may take time and research to determine what type of help is best for your child, we’re here to help you navigate the tactical, financial and emotional steps to take to get your son or daughter making pro-healthy choices and on the road to recovery.

How to Get Quality Addiction Treatment for Your Child

Getting Your Child on BoardWhat if My Child Doesn’t Want to Get Treatment?How Much Should I Try to Help? I Don’t Want to be an Enabler.

The Basics of RehabWhat Does “Treatment” Even Mean?Where Do I Even Begin to Look for Treatment for My Child?Is There Special Treatment for an Opioid Addiction?

Things to Watch Out ForWhat If My Insurance or My Child’s Insurance Refuses to Pay for Treatment?What If I Don’t Have Any Insurance or Can’t Afford to Pay for Treatment?What Should I Be Wary of When I’m Looking for Treatment?What Do I Do in the Meantime if My Child Can’t Get Treatment Right Away?

Coping with the JourneyHow Do I Deal With All of the Emotion of Searching for Treatment, and Stay Hopeful?What Happens After My Child Gets Treatment?What if I Need One-on-One Support to Help My Child Find Addiction Treatment?

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