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Become a student ambassador

5 Minutes for Life is a program that helps students spread a message of prevention in their schools. 5 Minutes for Life centers on Ohio State Troopers, Ohio National Guard members and local law enforcement talking for five minutes with student leaders, such as student-athletes, student council members, and band leaders before or after a practice or a meeting, about responsible decision-making, leadership and encouraging those in their peer group to live a drug-free lifestyle. This educational campaign aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate drug use among students.

Following the presentations, student role models are encouraged to spread the message within their school using the 5 Minutes for Life key points. Students are encouraged to use social media to promote the importance of living healthy drug-free lives. 5 Minutes for Life represents a tangible way for students and athletes to contribute to a safer Ohio. It's only five minutes for the rest of their life.

Take the next step

As a student ambassador, you are helping to make a difference by simply talking to your peers about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.


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